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Posted By: Matthew B.
25-Jun-99 - 01:05 PM
Thread Name: Sherry Aims, Folk Nurse
Subject: RE: Sherry Aims, Folk Nurse
Hey, fadac, that's not a continuation. (sniff)

Okay, I'll do it myself.


only to find herself suddenly in the middle of a...

...three ring circus. Before she could run again for cover, a loud cry of "Laaaaadies and Gentlemen!" came booming over the loudspeaker. Mortified, she suddenly found herself surrounded by a scrambling mass of clowns.

Crouching low, she tried to hide among them, only to find herself suddenly swept into a small car with 57 other clowns.

"Gee, I never realized how roomy these things are once you get inside them," she exclaimed to a female clown who handed her one of the spare clown costumes they kept in the glove compartment. She quickly donned the suit, but had some trouble getting the nose to stay in place. She leaned forward and asked the driver "Where are we headed?" He looked at her with a mischevious grin and replied that she was in store for a treat. She had no idea what he meant, until the car finally stopped, and she emerged in the middle of a...