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Posted By: dermod in salisbury
25-Feb-03 - 08:05 AM
Thread Name: Ottilie Patterson query
Subject: RE: Ottilie Patterson query
I can't help you with your question, but can't resist mentioning the occasion I met Ottilie Patterson in the early 1960s. I was doing my usual Friday night hitch hike from Birmingham, where I was working, to London, where my parents lived, in order to eat enough to see me through the week before I could get back again. Ah, those impecunious days! A car stopped and lifted me the whole distance. Because it was dark, I didn't recognise the Northern Irish lady in the front passenger seat, which was shameful because I am Northern Irish myself. It was,of course, Ottilie Patterson, who had been singing at a gig in Birmingham. The driver, presumably, was a road manager,or musician friend. During the trip, the unknown lady asked me if I liked jazz, and did I like any bank in particular. I think I said Acker Bilk. At the London end, she asked me if I would like to stop off for a coffee. It was only when I was in the house, and greeted by her husband, Chris Barber, that I finally realised who she was. I remember they had an amazing collection of records. We all had a good laugh, and eventually, the driver ran me back almost to my front door.   How friendly people were. Sadly, today, you are probably more likely to get your throat cut as a hitch hiker.