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Posted By: Jeri
26-Feb-03 - 05:52 PM
Thread Name: When your luthier disses your baby
Subject: RE: When your luthier disses your baby
I'd seriously wonder if the fiddle had construction flaws that any other luthier would call flaws. The guy's a snob. Granted he may be a good luthier, but he's got a poor opinion of fiddles, probably because he doesn't know much about them. He may not want to, but the fact is he's making judgements based on ignorance. Frankly, I could really use a 'banjo killer'.

I've had an orchestral-type luthier work on a couple of my fiddles and the most he said was one wasn't ever going to sound great or be worth a lot of money (I knew that), but he understood one thing: people love their instruments. He didn't say nasty things about my fiddle, just fiddle music.

Respect: the act of being respectful.
Disrespect: the act of being disrespectful. Sounds like a perfectly good word to me.