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Posted By: Sam L
28-Feb-03 - 07:07 PM
Thread Name: When your luthier disses your baby
Subject: RE: When your luthier disses your baby
Nicole, I was going to ask before you mentioned the chinese things, Is the guy connected to a store? Because at the guitar shop here it's plain they always diss everything they don't own and sell. They want to buy cheap, sell higher. It's got to be a policy, it's so routine. And same at the antique rug store where I work--if you want an appraisal, say it's for insurance replacement value, because if the owners think you want to sell it, you get a different answer. (Naturally they can't buy things at a retail replacement price, when that's what they'll sell it for. If you go in expecting it, it rolls off easier.

   The other thing is, if he doesn't like the sound, it's probably just because he doesn't like it, that's what his musical tastes are about. Do classisists want everything to sound alike? Do they want ballet dancers to look alike? Yes. Although the little differences are big to them, yes, they do. That's what classical is, an ongoing, ever-changing, variable tempest in a teapot about the Ideal. But it does produce good sounds too, despite the irrational craziness of it. The intensity of it can't miss, it's compelling, in exactly opposite the way the intensity of a good untrained artist can't miss, and is compelling. For some music I happen to love dead strings with thin tone. It's a sound. And I'm not all about any ideal one-size fits all sound. It turns out all those classical, timeless white sculptures were actually brightly painted, back in the day.

A Martin Luthier dissed my baby--he nailed a list of grievances against it up on my door. But I'm not Catholic, what do I care?