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Posted By: mg
01-Mar-03 - 08:16 PM
Thread Name: St Patrick's Day Songs ?
Subject: RE: St Patrick's Day Songs ?
Whatever you do, don't sneer at the songs people want to hear. They want to hear them because they love them. If you don't love the particular genre of Irish-American songs, commonly hauled out on St. Patrick's Day, then find a group of people on that day that doesn't want to hear them. You (generic you) do not need to say that's not what they sing in Ireland, that there are far more respectable Irish (or Irish-American songs) to sing that are more socially acceptable, that many were written by German Americans or whatever, that they are derived from (gasp) music hall songs, that they are maudlin, mawkish, contribute to Irish stereotyping, and that you don't know the words to Irish Eyes if in fact you do. Here is my number: 360-665-4999. If you want to hear one of them and I happen to know it I will gladly sing it to you. Pass them on. It's part of a proud tradition that unfortunately got broken by nasty things like famines etc. so we don't have the old old songs with us passed down in our families. The only two songs my father ever sang were MacNamara's Band and Jim O'Shea. Make fun of them if you will. mg