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Posted By: CapriUni
01-Mar-03 - 10:44 PM
Thread Name: songs about disabilities
Subject: RE: songs about disabilities
From Abbey Sale: I've thought about this thread for some time now. I think I know how I feel about the issue now. I'm agin' it.

Excuse me, but what exactly is "the issue" of this thread? If I understand correctly, it started as a request by a teacher looking to do a school project on songs with a social message, and the existance of disabilities as part of the human condition raises some social issues... so she (he? can't tell from the e-mail address) was looking for songs about the subject. Are you against teaching this to children? Are you against addressing these issues? Are you against social activism among people with disabilities to fight for their civil rights? From what you've said in the rest of your post, I doubt it.

Maybe you're seeing something here that I'm missing... Or maybe I just have a few pieces missing tonight ;-)

From Abbey Sale again: Each case is different but for those that need my help, I help them. Without qualms. And without sympathy. AND I expect them to help ME when I need it and they can.

If you define "sympathy" as a synonym for "pity," I agree wholeheartedly. However, I always thought it was a closer synonym for "compassion", so I found this last paragraph a little jarring.