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Posted By: The Shambles
02-Mar-03 - 05:01 AM
Thread Name: EFDSS on the Licensing Bill - PELs.
Subject: RE: EFDSS on the Licensing Bill - PELs.
Now if it is thought by Dr Howells that any residents concerns to TV showings in pubs can be dealt with, in the way he says and without a need for any permissions or additional licensing, why does he consider that all live music only be dealt with by this additional licensing and where is the evidence for this?

I mean of course all all live music that does not take place in a church or as part of a religious service, from the back of a moving road vehicle, for the purposes of education, demonstrating an instrument, not intended to make a profit, etc etc....

KH: The problem was about who would decide what was amplified and non-amplified.

This would hardly present too much of a problem for those who are to be trusted to decide all the of the above fine distinctions.......As demonstrated here Outbreak Of Dancing

Q: Who's on the working group?

KH: Our music industry adviser is talking to a lot of people in the music industry. We've got the British Beer and Pub Assoc, the Arts Council of GB, the Arts Council of Wales and the Local Govt Assoc. We've invited lots of others, but it's early days yet. We want to ensure that any situation that exists at the moment, where there are two musicians, doesn't get trodden on by some zealous local authority that thinks there's a chance to close it down. We hope there will be representatives from the Musicians' Union, and every other body that's concerned with live music - and this outfit you were telling me about, which Dominic says he's been talking to [gesturing towards me - ie, the EFDSS].

Sadly it is not 'early days yet', it is far too late...........The danger is that the involvement of groups like EFDSS at this stage, when they can not really affect the Bill, will be simply used as an attempt to show that some form of consultation has taken place. In an attempt to add a veneer of respectability to an unsatisfactory and ill-thought Bill.