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Posted By: AggieD
03-Mar-03 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: songs about disabilities
Subject: RE: songs about disabilities
I like Leon Rosselson's 'The Ugly Ones'.

This covers far more than "disabilites", encompassing a far wider theme of those who are sidelined because of being able to do anything other than standing on 2 feet, or who do not fit in with anyones terms of what they believe is able.

I spent many years caring for my mother who had severe arthritis, & was unable to go out except in a wheelchair & we also experienced the 'what does she want syndrome. Most people were shocked when they got short shrift from me, especially when I told them that my mother was a far more able bodied person than them, because she wasn't rude.

If the teacher wants to analyse the reasons for the songs being written, then I don't see much harm in it as a subject for study, but I have always looked on life that we are all disabled in some way, not one of us on this earth is able to carry out every physical or mental task they would like to.

So we should all treat each person as an individual & consider what they can contribute to this life.