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Posted By: Abby Sale
03-Mar-03 - 05:06 PM
Thread Name: songs about disabilities
Subject: RE: songs about disabilities
CapriUni: There you go! That's what I meant. (Don't worry about the semantics.) The disabled often need to work some harder to stay even. So what? That's the way it is. So if they work harder they do stay even. Or ahead. Or way ahead. They're still "disabled" but no longer particularly "handicapped." (The terms don't matter, you get the idea.)

If they just sit on their duffs there being "just as good as anyone else," as if it were some kind of value judgement then they're just cripples depending on good will. And most people don't have much good will.

And no, no sympathy, compassion, heartfelt this or that. Just do what's needed. If I saw you wheeling up to a heavy door in a supermarket I'd hold the door open as a matter of course. But I'd do the same for Hulk Hogan if his arms were full of packages and the door would be awkward.   It's called courtesy, not sympathy.

Screw the lovey-dovey songs about our poor-ass chalenged Americans. Let them feel good by doing the best they can. And kicking butt when necessary. And, of course, singing folksongs. (You can get some interesting fire-breathing dragon decals at the Auto Zone and some intriguing stuff from the Harley dealer to stick on the wheel chair. And a six-pack cooler fits over the arm & doesn't hit the wheel. The things are still stupidly designed for the occupant to use but slowly improving. There's no good place to mount a machine gun but plenty of room for an air horn and a bayonet fitting on the foot rest. Watch it, Bub, there's a cripple coming up the path at speed and you're in the way!)

As a completely separate issue, I've come to believe that most USians are actually deeply afraid of the disabled - or the seriously ill. I especially include health care professionals in this. Don't want to really get into this now because it's a long rant. But I've seen too many doctors & nurses hide their eyes from those who either 1) the medics can't help or 2) refuse to conveniently die. Maybe it's some kind of fear of "There but for God go I" or maybe failure to control the world around them or being faced with their incompetance - I don't know.   But most of the outrageous behavior - talking to the care giver instead of the patient, mockery & cruelty - all that I think is based in some fear.