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05-Mar-03 - 12:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Maybe Bush is right.
Subject: RE: BS: Maybe Bush is right.
Only angels play accordion, Carol. You know that. I need to dig out my accordion recordings. I have one by a guy...Esteban something. They call him 'the Jimi Hendrix of the accordion' and he's amazing. Eyepatch...darn. Can't think of his name. But he plays like the devil, so maybe I should amend what I said at the top.

Sometime I'll start a music thread about the music I like Jack. I'm just passing time here tonight waiting for an e-mail reply.

When I have time nowadays, I listen to all types of music. Got a box set last week called 'Farewell to Ireland' I'm eager to listen to...been too busy. Must be the influence of all you folk music types caused me to get it. Some of the people listed are James Morrison, Patsy Touhey, Michael Coleman, Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band, John McKenna, John McGettigan and his Irish Minstrels...and many more. According to the box. A 'Proper Box Set'.... Anyone know about this set? Good one?

Steve Jordan! Esteban Jordan! Incredible accordion, Carol. The one I have is either Rounder or Arhoolie. A 'best of' type recording. Amazing. I started to get a set called 'Planet Squeezebox' years ago but didn't. Accordion, concertina, etc from all over the world. Have you ever listened to that?

And Guest...'the public has spoken'...does that mean they didn't speak kindly? The only comment I've ever cared for regarding music was something Miles Davis said...something about 'If you like it, someone else will'. For what it's worth.