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05-Mar-03 - 02:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Maybe Bush is right.
Subject: RE: BS: Maybe Bush is right.
Yeah, TIA...I recall that. Thanks for your effort to cool things down. But this is a forum, with emphasis on music. I post on lots of forums with different areas of specialty, and a point I've made a bunch of times is that we HAVE common ground in government and politics. People may not want to DISCUSS politics, but in America we'd better get real involved real fast or the next generation will be living in the Soviet Union of America. Things are that bad.

And since DougR posted just above this, I'll use him as an example. This is a 'liberal' forum. The 'free world' has been polarized between liberal and conservative, and DougR is a token conservative on a liberal forum. I suspect his purpose is solely to keep this group of people polarized, because all the claims I've seen him make are unsupportable. They don't stand up to logic. But his job is to keep people focused on the left/right paradigm, so he pops in and says, 'Oh, yeah? Bush is good!' and everyone falls back on 'Clinton was better!', etc.

And it's all pointless. The organized criminals running the world created the left/right system over a hundred years ago to distract the masses. And this phony paradigm has been perfected, so that now Americans are apparently ready to condone torture. The Nazis tortured people. The East German Secret Police and Stalin tortured people. And now the elite-controlled media is conditioning Americans to accept torture as 'a necessary evil in the fight against terrorism'. Bushit. It is NOT acceptable, but DougR will run in here and say 'You can't talk that way about Bush!' and the subject of torture will be forgotten in a clamor of partisan bickering.

I need to work up something on torture. They're torturing the latest al Qeada guy the CIA got tired of, and one of the methods of torture is the threat of harming his family. And the American media is saying this is acceptable. But the USA PATRIOT Act expands the definition of 'domestic terrorist' to anyone who breaks a law, and the new Patriot Act 2 expands that to anyone who looks like they MIGHT break a law. So, by extension, if torture is OK for one terrorist right now, it will be OK for you a year from now when your shifty eye movements attract the attention of a cop at the stop light next to you.

We need to discuss politics now, no matter how heated it becomes, because the elite are about to use us in our compartmentalized capacities to utterly destroy each other.