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Posted By: robomatic
05-Mar-03 - 07:51 PM
Thread Name: Sound archives decaying
Subject: RE: Sound archives decaying
Recording medium and formats:

It's just not a case of the durability of the media. The chances are very good (except in the case of those early film footages done on nitro-cellulose) that the medium will outlast the format.

I have a considerable amount of music stored as mp3's, a considerable amount on CDs, a collection of hundreds of cassettes, LPs and about fifty reel to reels that I mentioned in the last post.

None of them will last forever. All but the real cheap tapes have lasted okay for up to 40 years. Probably untouched vinyl is the best of the lot if it is stored properly. CDs were touted as good forever but too many of them can't stand being bent or written on.

I think a good medium might be a big ol' hard drive. A gig is good for over an hour of music, and you can get a 120 gigs for $100 bucks if you watch for a sale.

I'm looking into DVD's but they haven't stabilized down to a good price or format yet.

But all the records in the world won't do you any good if you don't have a good turntable, and that is already becoming obvious with the reel to reels.