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Posted By: Jim Dixon
06-Mar-03 - 01:49 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Down by the Winegar Woiks (vinegar works)
Subject: Lyr Add: DOWN BY THE WINEGAR WOIKS [Vinegar Works]
Ha! No wonder we had such a hard time finding it! It's in dialect!

Lyrics copied from

(Don Bestor, Roger Lewis, & Walter Donovan, 1925)
As sung by Johnny Marvin, "The Ukulele Ace".

You've read about rough men and places
In books that you keep on the shelf.
Well, say, I'm so rough, sometimes I'm so tough
That I must be polite to meself.
Me pals is a couple of bull-dogs.
With mustard I sweetens me tea.
There's only two guys in this world who is tough
And both of them babies is me.

I live over the wiaduct, down by the winegar woiks.
It's easy to find me; the street's full of shacks;
I live in the one that is right on the tracks.
Ev'ry night we go dancing down at O'Reilly's or Boiks.
We chains all the childrens to fences and logs
We do it to keep 'em from bitin' the dogs.
Say, I live over the wiaduct, down by the winegar woiks.

The bloke what lives right on the corner
Keeps lions and tigers for pets.
And then there's me pard
That guy is so hard
That he chews all the nails that he gets.
When you see two guys shooting cannons
You know that they couldn't agree.
Now all of this sounds like they're tough babies, but,
Them fellers is weaklin's to me.

I live over the wiaduct, by the winegar woiks.
The men all sing bass with a voice like a horn;
We kill all the tenors as soon as they're born.
All the girls are the fairest, down at McGurgle's and Goik's.
A sheik with a car took out Molly Malone;
He wouldn't get fresh, so she made him walk home.
I live over the wiaduct, down by the winegar woiks.
Hey hey.

In the era of 78s, this song was recorded by Billy Murray, Ed Smalle, Arthur Fields, Aileen Stanley, Al Bernard, Billy Jones, The Majestic Dance Orchestra (Glantz), Bob Haring & His Orchestra, Dave Kaplan's Novelty Orchestra, and The Troubadors. Several collectors reported having this song on a piano roll. More recently, it was recorded by Ian Whitcomb and His Dance Band on "Happy Days Are Here Again," Audiophile CD 242.

Click here to play an mp3 file of a performance by Dave Kaplan's Novelty Orchestra (which can be found by going to Aardvark Record Mastering and then selecting "Edison Diamond Disks" from the menu in the upper right). By the way, that site looks like it has several other cool songs, and may be worth bookmarking!