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Posted By: Lin in Kansas
06-Mar-03 - 02:49 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Plum: Liner Notes PermaThread
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Plum: Braes of Yarrow Notes
Hi Genie--

I don't personally know of any way to post a PDF file to the Forum. If someone can enlighten me on how, I'll try it.

I can email either a Word for Windows, Word for Mac, PageMaker, or PDF file to whoever wants one and will PM me their email addy.

Here are the missing lyrics (one post at a time):

7.  Braes of Yarrow (The Dewy Dells of Yarrow, Child #214 as sung by Belle Richards, of Colebrook NH 1941 for the Flanders collection) 3:04 Margmac (Margaret MacArthur)—vocals and ?

"O sister I can read your dream, / Read it in grief and sorrow
Your true love John he lies dead and gone / In the Dewy Dells of Yarrow
She wrung her hands and tore her hair / In mortal grief and sorrow
She tore a blue ribbon from off her hair / That she had received in Yarrow
Then up the hills and down the dales / And through the stream so narrow
And there she found her true love John / Lying dead and gone in Yarrow
Her hair it was three quarters long / The color it was yellow
She tied it round his middle so small / And she bore him home from Yarrow
"Oh daughter dear" her father cried / "Why mourn in grief and sorrow?
I can wed you to a much nobler man / Than the one you loved in Yarrow"
"O father dear, you have seven sons / You can wed them all tomorrow
But the fairest flower that blooms in June / Is the one I loved in Yarrow"