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Thread Name: songs about disabilities
Subject: RE: songs about disabilities
This is a poem my wife wrote about an experience she had in the hospital after being stricken with Guillian-Barre Syndrome. It left her with residual paralysis, fatigue and weakness, enough so that she is on disability. I, for one, know first hand that the disability does NOT make the person. She is the strongest person I have ever known, and carries her spirit of love, compassion and hope with her wherever she goes. This poem can be found on our cd "There's Somethin' Goin' On Here" at (bald-faced plug!!), along with 13 other inspirational songs of healing and hope. My point being, again, in apology to any who disagree over semantics, that my wife is a PERSON who happens to have a disability. In her case, she sees it as an opportunity to use her pain to help others heal. Thanks for listening. pbb

                                           Intensive Care
                                                            Joan Papalia Eisert c. 2002      
Oh God   are You here                                                                                             
You are here?   You are here                                       
This bed is mammoth
I am molding into the noise
vibrations   noise digesting me
noise   surrender   noise
euphoria   noise

You are here   You are here
I am flaccid in Your hands
the bed is You
Mauve billowy heartbreaking love
You love me    You love me
I am suspended   surrounded
permeated with the knowledge of You
the love of You
My pores emanate   Your love   Your mercy

No longer am I paralyzed
as I lay here paralyzed
Machines breathe for me
only my eyes can blink
but my soul is dancing   my spirit is rejoicing
with unimaginable unspeakable clarity

I become Your purpose   I become my life
I become my vision   I become my voice in silence
One nerve at a time   one tear at a time
one battle at a time   one victory at a time
Infinite wounds countless scars
complete prayer gracious mending
until I walk with You again for the first time

I will fall so many times
choking on the sludge of despair
I will question   I will want to die
over and over again
But You saved me before when I was
maimed   starved
in worthless oblivion to You

You gave me my daughter   my husband
You gave me the finest silken thread
from which I clung
in absolute atrophy
My thanks to You are beyond my realm
incapable of tangibility
so I will spend the rest of my days
walking towards Your Light