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Posted By: Joe_F
07-Mar-03 - 11:35 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: My Love Comes Rolling Down (E Von Schmidt
Subject: Lyr Add: MY LOVE COMES ROLLING DOWN (E Von Schmidt
Aha! Thank you for the explanation. I thought perhaps some sort of sinister entity had gobbled the song up.

Here is the version sung by Von Schmidt at the 1965 festival (copied off the LP). His other performances of it, and the one by Glover, differ somewhat. I have omitted some interpolated words, as well as variations in the repeated first line of each stanza, and in the refrain.

Don't need no whiskey, I don't need no rum.
Don't need no whiskey, I don't need no rum.
I just need you, baby, when the summer come.

   Make my love come rolling down.
   Make my love come rolling down.

Well, I've always known it, known it from the start,
That a long-legged woman called Kay would walk right in my heart.

There's a warm wind blowing, blowing from the south.
Don't you wish you could hear them sweet words from my baby's mouth?

Yeah, load it, load it from in front.
[He backs off from that one.]

Look yonder, partner, see that eagle rise.
He was born on land, but he sure enjoy the skies.

She make me feel just like hell, well, you know why.
It take a woman like Kay to make me rise and fly.

Don't need no whiskey, I don't need no rum.
Thought I was finished, but I was just begun.