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Posted By: rich r
19-Jul-97 - 07:41 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: songs about the Kennedy assassination
IN THE SUMMER OF HIS YEARS by Herbert Kretzmer & David Lee

The young man rode with his head held high
Under the Texas sun
And no one guessed that a man so blessed
Would perish by a gun
A shot rang out like a sudden shout
And heaven held its breath
And the dreams of a multitude of men
Went with him to his death
The heart of the world weighs heavy
With the helplessnes of tears
For a man shot down in the Texas sun
In the summer of his years

ABout the song- In 1963 the Saturday night TV schedule included an irreverent, satirical current events program called "That Was The Week That Was". The show had its orign on the BBC. President Kennedy was killed on a Thursday. TWTWTW was much more somber two days later that week. One of the pieces on the show was this song. I recall watching the program and like many others was stirred by the simple musical tribute. There was enough public response was such that TWTWTW replayed the song the following week. The Chad MItchell Trio recorded it on the Mercury label. The trio version combines this with slow dirge like renditon of the chorus of "Rally Round The Flag" a song widely sung after the Lincoln assassination (The later of course was also used as a popular rouser by the Union in the Civil War).

rich r