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Posted By: The Shambles
12-Mar-03 - 10:34 AM
Thread Name: EFDSS on the Licensing Bill - PELs.
Subject: RE: EFDSS on the Licensing Bill - PELs.
The following from Mark Gibbens.

The attached document [available on their website] has been sent to the DCMS prior to us taking part in their Statutory Guidance and Live Music Forum.

The Forum will NOT address any but the smallest of our concerns, because as things stand we will not be able to discuss the Bill itself, or dance and drama. But this is a start, and we will continue to press for broader discussions and changes to the underlying legislation.

According to the DCMS, Kim Howells wants to invite EFDSS and the Morris Federation to direct talks about the Bill. The Morris Fed. and ourselves are trying to broaden that to include all three morris organisations plus Doc Rowe (an expert in all aspects of vernacular or folk culture and activity). However, we've not heard directly from the Minister's office yet, so nothing is confirmed. It's entirely possible they are drawing the process out as long as possible, and we need to keep the pressure up.

The EFDSS Licensing Bill page will be updated in the next day or two with the new document and more news. I'll mail again as soon as the updates have been published.

EFDSS has updated its website with the latest Licensing Bill developments. The address is:

Feedback is welcome, as always :-)

Mark Gibbens
Development Officer, EFDSS
Web:   'Phone: 020 7485 2206