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Posted By: Roger in Baltimore
29-Jun-99 - 11:36 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Fare thee well Titanic, fare thee well
Subject: Lyr Add: TITANIC (Huddie Ledbetter / Lead Belly)
It was midnight on the sea,
Band playing, "Nearer my God to Thee"
Cryin' Fare thee Titantic, Fare thee well. (Repeat the verse)

Titanic, when it got its load,
captain hollered, "All aboard"
Cryin' fare thee, Titanic, fare thee well.

Jack Johnson want to get on board,
Captain said, "I ain't haulin' no coal.

Titanic was comin' 'round the curve,
When it ran into that great big iceberg.

Titanic was sinkin' down,
Had them lifeboats all around.

Had them lifeboats around,
Savin' the women and the children, lettin' the men go down.

Jack Johnson heard the mighty shock,
Might 'a' seen him doin' the Eagle Rock.

When the women and children got on the land,
Cryin' "Lord, have mercy on my man."

Maybe Joe fell asleep on his keyboard.

Big RiB