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Posted By: Gareth
13-Mar-03 - 03:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: American jokes
Subject: RE: BS: American jokes
OK two American Jokes, heard from those who were there.

1/. Picture the scene - NATO execises in the Mediteranean Sea in the 1950's

US Navy and Royal Navy in joint manouevers.

US Admiral in command.

Over the Radio "Weeel, Lets try some high speed manouvers, Y'all"

"When I say a word begining with "S" all units will turn to Starboard, and when I say a Word begining with "P" all units will turn to Port"

The manouvers continue.

" Sugar Sugar Sugar" and all units turned to Starboard.

"Peter Peter Peter" and all units turned to Port.

"Phycology Phycology Phycology" (SP) and the RN turned to Port, and the USN turned to Starboard.

(Told to me by an old RN (Ret) Leading Signalman.)

2/. "When the Luftwaffe flew over, the Allies took cover,
When the RAF flew over the Wermacht took cover,
And when the USAAF flew over everybody took cover"

(Told to me by my father - Whose unit orders were, if you can't see RAF markings, open fire)