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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
15-Mar-03 - 12:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: MudCat ChocoLadies T shirts!
Subject: RE: BS: MudCat ChocoLadies T shirts!

I went back to reread the thread after we PMed back and forth earlier in the week. Yes, the t-shirt can be size medium, but since my highschool age daughter is most likely going to appropriate it, I need to have it say "her" or use LTSs asterisks. Whichever looks better. The kids aren't supposed to wear messages with the originally proposed language at school. And as someone else noted, even if I do get to keep it, there aren't many places down here in the Bible Belt where I could wear it without negative comment.

I've seen purple on the Cadbury wrappers down here in Texas--do we perhaps get our supply from someplace different than the rest of the US?

I was just telling the kids last week (during a discussion of our favorite candy bars) of those Cadbury bars that had six or seven individually filled portions, all together in a common bar. Does anyone else remember those, and do they still make them? There were mostly cream or fruit fillings in the pieces. It was a small bar, individual serving. I'd love it if someone could make a run to the grocery store, just for the novelty to show the kids (of course!). Probably someone in the northern tier of states, or up in Canada. (Of course I'll pay for the bars and the postage.)