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Posted By: jimmyt
17-Mar-03 - 12:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: Get out of debt now!
Subject: RE: BS: Get out of debt now!
The more I think about it, have you considered the ripple effect on small business if people actually took your advice? In fact many small businesses operate on such a slender profit margin that if there was an increase in bankruptcies, they would have to lay employees off because the funds to pay them would be gone in the bankruptcy courts.

THis is about as logical as saying times are hard, why not steal? The cost of shoplifting is factored in to businesses and guess what? Passed along to all the other consumers! Bankruptcy is not a positive force in the economy. It is a very negative one.

There are some instances where bankruptcy is an inevitable consequence of hardship, divorce, tragedy, etc. But to just file bankruptcy because you have managed to get yourself in too much debt is irresponsible and certainly not looking out for the best interest of the economy.