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Posted By: GUEST
20-Mar-03 - 07:47 AM
Thread Name: Music Police raid Sloop, Barton Lincs
Subject: RE: Music Police raid Sloop, Barton Lincs
Well good luck. I'm not convinced the protest will do any good though. I think once these mindless idiots get a bee in thier bonnet, that's it and the law quite unfairly is on there side. Odds are they will just dig there heels in more firmly.

That said, I quite like the idea of giving them a little extra hassle as long as the pub doesn't get into trouble. What day of the week is it? I've toyed with idea of persuading Pip up there for a while but it's a fair journey from North Norfolk.

If I did make it, in addition to my usual WMD, the banjo, I will make a special effort and include the even more deadly melodeon in case of heavy conflict. Pip is quite leathal on the piano, an excellent weapon if you can lure an unsuspecting group of people into a trap but lacking in portability and quite unsuitable for this type of short sharp attack.