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Posted By: GUEST,Bloke in the corner
20-Mar-03 - 03:37 PM
Thread Name: Music Police raid Sloop, Barton Lincs
Subject: RE: Music Police raid Sloop, Barton Lincs
Well, what a hornet's nest we stirred up! And how shameful it is that these people feel they have the right to jeopardise a tradition stretching back centuries, if not millennia. They simply don't have the moral right to stop unpaid accoustic instrumentalists from playing in a pub where they have permission and full support of the landlord. Sod them, they MUSTN'T win!
Pid Piper, we have had a SESSION at the Sloop for over five years, every Tuesday. It's NOT a folk club, no stars, no cliques and no-one hogging the limelight, just a group of friends and welcome visitors doing just about the only thing that separates us from the other animals - making music for pleasure! All are welcome, be part of a happy and peaceful (and in some cases talented) group. The business about the folk club is that we may HAVE to call ourselves a folk club, maybe even sign in etc. But we will NOT be spending valuable drinking & playing time talking about rules etc. Perhaps slagging off the music police, even giving interviews to the press.
And Eric, I'm NOT the organiser. There isn't one. The essence of the club is that it is an anarchic gathering without bosses or anyone telling you what to do. Just play bloody folk music!