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Posted By: mooman
21-Mar-03 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: Bouzouki - GDAD or GDAE?
Subject: RE: Bouzouki - GDAD or GDAE?
Dear stigweard,

I don't have a bouzouki any more following an instrument-procurement understanding with the Good Lady that necessitated the regretful sale of some instruments but when I did I always used GDAE, which I explored fairly thouroughly for chordal forms that gave the desired effect. I also found that tuning easier for melody playing. But, having said that, many friends use the alternative tunings mentioned above and get lovely-sounding results with them so I suppose it's horses for courses and what your used to and get the best "feel" from.

On the other hand, my "standard" tuning for guitar has been DADGAD for many years as opposed to the more usual EADGBE and I can now play most things I want to in DADGAD which I find pretty versatile for a range of musical styles.