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Posted By: Oaklet
21-Mar-03 - 01:48 PM
Thread Name: Music Police raid Sloop, Barton Lincs
Subject: RE: Music Police raid Sloop, Barton Lincs
John Bennet. Hello. Why don't we just heavily disguise the thing so that it appears NOT to be entertaining to members of the public. I am prepared to bring my violin if you think that this approach might work. Get Daithi to bring one of his beautiful accomplices to stretch the truth just a little bit and scream over and over again that it sounds really, really bad and must stop. Then the buggers would be on the ropes.

And don't call my aunty Peg from North Lincs Trading Standards Council a bitch or I'll do a satirical mime about you, you varmint.

I'd forgotten what a simple please typing this rubbish can be. Marvelous9.