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Posted By: Beccy
21-Mar-03 - 04:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: Help! My Job is a Dilbert Cartoon!
Subject: RE: BS: Help! My Job is a Dilbert Cartoon!
Kim- When I was still in the office-world (now home with 3 kids- one on the way) there was a man like your boss. He REFUSED to believe that the copy machine needed to warm up prior to its first use in the morning.

He would stand in front of the machine (one of those huge, advertising agency, true-color, uber collator/binder/multi-tasking monsters) and swear profusely at it, kick it (not kidding) and end up leaving the room (all this in the space of 2 minutes) and drop the items on my desk with a curt "I need this STAT" as he strode away.

There was a partner there who used to have me "help co-ordinate" her neglected daughter's birthday parties. "Um, okay. What I need you to do is call the clown and give him my credit card number. Call Baskin Robbins. Order a cake. Make sure they spell 'Michkaeyla" correctly. Call the hotel. Tell them I need to have a room large enough to sleep 6 10 year old girls. Call my nanny and tell her that she can't have Michkaeyal's birthday evening off- I'll need her to manage the girls at the hotel..." etc...

She couldn't understand why I didn't stay on the promo track at the agency when I got pregnant for my first baby. "Surely, she said, "you know you can have it all, like me." :-)