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Posted By: GUEST
22-Mar-03 - 07:15 PM
Thread Name: Music Police raid Sloop, Barton Lincs
Subject: RE: Music Police raid Sloop, Barton Lincs
John, you shouldn't. The most sensible system with regards to pubs IMO would be closer to the old one but without the need for a PEL at all. The landlord could/should convince magistrates that (s)he is responsable enough to run a licenced premisis. If (she) is responsable enough, it shoul be up to them to decide what is suitable for their premisis.

It is quite reasonable to back these requirements up with reasonable (and I believe to the most extent existing) laws, perhaps limiting the level of noise on a premisis, setting a maximum safe number of people of the premisis, expecting the licensee should ensure reasonable behaviour within and maybe outside his premisis, etc. Such measures should be applied equally and live entertainment should not be singled out especially when there are examples such as loud jukeboxes and wide screen tv far more likely to cause problems bt are exempt.

I believe this law, amongst other things demonstrates a clear case of favouritism towards the activities that put money into the pockets of those who already have money and am quite sick that a Labour government should have dreamed them up.