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Posted By: M'Grath of Altcar
23-Mar-03 - 09:19 AM
Thread Name: 'Innocent Hare' What does 'relope' mean?
Subject: RE: 'Innocent Hare' What does 'relope' mean?
The song is about hare hunting not hare coursing.

Rapid changes of direction ( turns or wrenches ) are seen on the coursing field but not so much on a hare hunt. Certainly on a recent hunt near here the huntsman said that our local hares do not seem to turn at all!

In most hunts the hare tends to be "overhauled." or more commonly, in the second or two after it leaves cover. A hare hunting beagle has no chance whatsoever of catching a twisting, jinking hare.

I have asked a couple of huntsmen, including one of the masters of a beagle pack, about the term relope and they do not know the term.

One of them suggested that it probably refers to a situation where the hare follows its own tracks, leading to a very confusing situation for hounds. The situation only arises when hounds are a long way behind the hare.

Interesting extra verse to Master M'Grath by the way. May I ask its source?