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Posted By: open mike
24-Mar-03 - 11:07 AM
Thread Name: Longview WA, House Concert? Korby Lenker
Subject: RE: Longview WA, House Concert? Korby Lenker
Lane, is there a local group of folks who attend such events?
Do you have a mailing list? How will you get the word out?
Is there a music store, or radio station with an acoustic
music show? In Chico we have a folk music society which is
well-established, and we present concerts in houses, halls,
coffee shops etc. on a regular basis. Is there such a net-
work where you are? If not, perhaps it would be a good oppor-
tunity to get such a group established and going. The good
thing about a house concert is that you don't have to pay for
the hall, and the proceeds can go to the performer. How did you
find out about this player? are they in the area, or on tour,
or what? There are 2 weeks to get the word out. Chances are
better that folks show up if you do advance sale tickets.
if folks purchase a ticket they are more likely to show up.
What sort of places exist as ticket outlets? music stores,
and other shops might be willing to sell tix if they are
places that are easily accessible to your potential listening
audience, then they can get them before hand. And if you
have a discount for gettinig tix ahead of time, there is
an incentive for purchase. What other venues for live music
are in your area? is there any other performance that might
conflict in time? will the potential audience base be
divided between other shows happening at the same time?
Is the musician expecting a certain guaranteed amount?
Would there be a contract? sometimes they want "X" amount
no matter what, and at other times it might be a percentage
of what is taken in by ticket sales. Would you have costs
for advertising, (postage, printing)? What requirements
are there for sound? Does the artist bring their own sound
system, or do they want yo to provide one? or will it be
unplugged? Has anyone ever heard of Korby? Have they had
a chance to hear what this person sounds like, has there
been radio coverage, to get the people a chance to listen,
so they know if they like to come to a concert ? Have i
asked enough questions yet? Are you prepared to foot the
bill and consider it a prresent to your self, or your household,
and if others come, enjooy and pitch in to help with the
cost, it will be a nice bonus? Are you prepared to feed,
and offer a place to stay for the performer? perhaps that
would be enough for them to know they get a meal and a place
to stay, if their needs are not great, you could all have fun. I see he is playing in Bellingham and Ashland...and is in a band, too, the barbed wire
cutters. Is this person a friend, and willing to do a show on
the way between Bellingham and Ashland for not much of a guarantee,
and happy to know that he has a place to stay while travelling
between these gigs? If it is a case of you both doing each other a favor by planning a performance, go for it! if it will possibly
be a source of bad feelings if the turn out doesn't meet expectations, you might want to hold off. In the words of tony hillerman, (the title of his autobiography is:) something like this: if you don't have high expectations, you are seldom disappointed. Let us know what you decidce and how it goes...anyone who wears orange shoes can't be all that up-tight, however their shoe budget may require high dollars!@