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24-Mar-03 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: Music Police raid Sloop, Barton Lincs
Subject: RE: Music Police raid Sloop, Barton Lincs
Interesting and I agree, its not a question of jobsworth doing their duty. Usually they act on complaints, often from other Pubs that have spent money on PELs. The other problem is that councils don't go for musicians, they go for the Landlord. In this case an absent landlord so they would go for the licensee, who is an employee and not in a position to risk anything or spend money. And often in a prosecution in a magistrates court only the council has unlimited funds and a solicitor, not the licensee. And since the case can only be heard before Magistrates there is no precendent set for other courts. Appeals on a point of law are by way of case stated to the high court. It needs someone with both conviction and money to take this. This is why local authorities, who have no convictions, other than that of the licensee, but plenty of money, take nonesense like, 2 then 2 then 2 equals 6 in a bar.

The idea of tomorrow is to obtain some good publicity by being jammed in a small room as a club, playing to ourselves in a way that cannot be enjoyed by the rest of the pub, usually a bloke watching TV in a far room anyway. BBC considering whether to send a camera man but not rung back to say if they will or not. they would if they were certain PEL person was turning up!

The issue of entertaining others has already been raised with this lady. She says whatever others might say she was entertained. Not seductively it seems to go away and consider some more important issue.

I have written to my MP (not a labour man) saying that many many musicians are disillusioned with new labour over this issue. Hope everyone who signed the petition have also written to their MP? Think Fax your MP had concked out last night but try it.