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Posted By: Kaleea
25-Mar-03 - 03:24 AM
Thread Name: Guitar players: What strings you usin'?
Subject: RE: Guitar players: What strings you usin'?
Give a looksee at all of the threads listed above. Depends on the guitar, what kind of sound one wants, how one plays, the playing style, etc, etc, etc, as to what are the best strings. I have been using Martin Marquis Light gauge for over 20 years on my 1964 Gibson J-45. I like the sound. But then, I'm a finger---oops, I mean fangerpicker! I only rarely use a flatpick when it's needed to hear the struming in a setting with no sound equip, or when I must strum because of the style of the music. I tried the elixers, the durn things broke--the 6th!! & the 4th!! I've never in all my life had a 6th or 4th string break----until then.