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Posted By: Dave Bryant
25-Mar-03 - 05:17 AM
Thread Name: 'Innocent Hare' What does 'relope' mean?
Subject: RE: 'Innocent Hare' What does 'relope' mean?
I think I agree with you Jon (sorry about misspelling your name earlier), there's a pleasant bit of alliteration in the phrase "Relope, relope retiring hare". Singing "elope" is rather a bit of a tongue-twister. Anyway if it got changed during Jim's time - and I can definitely remember Bob singing "relope" with Ron - then why not keep it as part of "the folk proccess". I bet you start having a careful look through your copy of Brasser's manuscript now.

Yes the term Mondegreen refers to words or phases which have been mis-heard and the error then proliferated. There are several Mudcat threads on the subject including this one on the subject. A good example is the way that many Irish singers sing "The shoals of Herring" as "The Shores of Erin"

BTW Jon - It's great to see you on Mudcat - why not become a member rather than just a guest It doesn't cost anything and we'd be honoured to have you as a member.