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Posted By: breezy
25-Mar-03 - 10:19 AM
Thread Name: Guitar players: What strings you usin'?
Subject: RE: Guitar players: What strings you usin'?
I play acoustic, I now use
poly web Elixir - better than nano and all martins an d'adarrio
I have moved on
I was introduced to them by Brook guitars of Devon England who fit them on all their new hand made guitars.
They are more expensive but last a very long time saving money in the long term.Boy they last along time
They feel great and do not tarnish or rust.
Used in conjunction with a speed pick they make a terrific combo.
Why use a dunlop thumb pick when Speed pick make the guitar sound like it can.
Its a long time since I broke a string !! -kiss of death??
My only concern is how long will it take for the coating to wear out and my anser is --ages