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Posted By: mg
25-Mar-03 - 10:54 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Danny Deever (Kipling/Bellamy)
Subject: RE: Meanings, Kipling army song
is there a tune to the gas one? I sing it to Auld Lang Syne...

Also there is one called when you go to London town, grieving, grieving, take your flowers and set them down at the place of grieving...

as I suffered so have you and that will ease the grieving..I sing that to some version of Banorie??

And of course there is one that is obviously to the tune of we'll rant and we'll roar...we'll duck and we'll dive like little tin turtles??

and one that is obviously maid of Lowestoff? the keel was laid and she was made for the ___trade..

the leading stoker's _____
the ____ stoker's 17..he don't know what the judgment means..