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Posted By: GUEST,Richard L
31-Mar-03 - 10:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Peter Arnett
Subject: RE: BS: Peter Arnett
Oh Gosh, if we only had more journalists like Peter Arnett, and less like that silly woman on the aircraft carrier who kept asking American pilots to 'wave' to the cameras as they took off on bombing runs.

Beccy, with all respect, NONE of the journalists have seemed completely impartial in this TV war. Of course they have their biases, but they all want to keep their jobs. Remember, this is how media 'superstars' are born. None of us knew much about Wolf Blitzer, Bernard Shaw, or Peter Arnett until desert storm a dozen years ago.

Arnett has twice gone up against the hand that feeds him, and once again he's payed the price. He's a pulitzer prize winner though, and he'll be back.

He DID say he'd acted stupidly though, so I guess he REALLY wants to be in the danger zone again (with an expense account) til this debacle is over. Here's part of his explanation:

"I said in that interview essentially what we all know about the war, that there have been delays in implementing policy...that there have been surprises".

Well.....who's going to disagree with that? I'm sure that you Beccy, Kendall, McGrath and myself are well aware that the Administration and the military have been passing this back and forth like a hot football for the last couple of days, so it's not like Arnett was making stuff up.

He knows he made a faux pas, but my guess is some other (minor) agency will pick him up. He may have had it in the 'Majors'.

Richard L