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Posted By: Mike
04-Jul-99 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: History of 'The Wind and Rain'?
Subject: History of 'The Wind and Rain'?
In a couple of movie versions of Shakespeare -- the Tempest and 12th Night, if I recall correctly -- the same song, with the refrain "Oh, the wind and rain" (or perhaps, "Oh, the Wind and The Rain") is used. I believe that I have heard a recording of a version of the Cruel Mother with this refrain replacing "The Greenwood side-e-o", but can't place it -- and I suspect that there may be other songs with the same refrain. Does anyone either know any songs with this refrain or have any specific information about the song used in the movies?

At least one of these movies was a Taylor/Burton version, and one of them (maybe the same one) had Ben Kingsley in it as the Fool -- I haven't seen them myself, so I'm a little fuzzy on th