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Posted By: Dave Bryant
04-Apr-03 - 05:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: WAR:- Why the fuss when soldiers die
Subject: RE: BS: WAR:- Why the fuss when soldiers die
I am reminded of a Monty Python sketch in which a soldier is asking to be released from the army because he has just found out that there is a chance of getting shot if if he is sent to any hostilities. "Why did you join the Army" asks the colonel. "For the water-skiing and other sports", answered the soldier - recruiting adverts of the time always showed the recreational side.

Doesn't the bible tells us that "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword". If you join the armed forces, you are accepting that any current government may require you to risk or even forfeit your life in any venture which they deem neccessary (even if you don't). From just looking at the casualty figures so far, it becomes apparent that British and American forces have a vastly higher chance of survival than either Iraqi soldiers or civilians. So far, in fact our forces seem to be in much greater danger from "friendly fire", mistakes, and equipment failure. In the two world wars (esp WW1) casualties were expected and while mourned, there was none of the "Shock, Horror" reaction that we seem to get today.

I feel grief for every person who dies, is injured, or loses a loved one in this conflict, which ever side they were on. If many Americans and British had been brought up in Iraq, they would be just as brainwashed by Saddam's propaganda as they have been by that of Bush and Blair.