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Posted By: fiddler
04-Apr-03 - 08:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: WAR:- Why the fuss when soldiers die
Subject: RE: BS: WAR:- Why the fuss when soldiers die
I keep reading these type of threads and was determined not to join in bu here I am.

1)I don't believe any side of this conflict, it is all propaganda we do not know the truth!
2)I'd much rather it wasn't happening at all.
3)Sadly in the long term interests of peace even the most ardent pacifits must realise 'a job' must be done now - the only goalposts which can be moved are what is 'the job'.
4)Following from 3 we cannot bring the armies back.
5)Those out there have trained for years and they are getting a chance to do - like it or not at our end - it is what some of those guys and gals want to do.
6) although too strongly expressed above - they volunteer to risk their lives and its sad if it costs that but in all cases it was their choice and they did know (if not truly recognise) the risks.

If we are rational lets pray for a swift end - minimal loss of life - as there will sadly be some - and containment of any aftermath.


That the UN starts to take amore autoritative role in World affairs rather than degenerate into teh league of nations!!! Thats how it all started too much prevaracation and throwing toys out of the pram!

hugs to all and lets hope for peace for all - including Zimbawe, Korea, China South Africa and all over the world soon, this is just one sqaure on the chess board and is it really and important one - WE Don't know as THEY don't tell us everything.