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Posted By: Bill D
04-Apr-03 - 12:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: WAR:- Why the fuss when soldiers die
Subject: RE: BS: WAR:- Why the fuss when soldiers die
there is "fuss" right now because so few of 'our' soldiers are dying that we can focus on each one...If thousands were dying, CNN could not write all those moving pieces about the details...with battlefield pictures by satellite. Somehow, it seems more upsetting when you feel the technology is so good that we ought to be able to win with NO casulties.

Dead Iraqis are mostly 'divisions' and 'resistance eliminated'...dead Americans are "John Doe" and "Sgt. Johnson from Keokuk"....makes it all very personal and immediate......and like was said above, we twist our heads to justify being there so "they will not have died in vain".

It is a strange feeling to be in a conflict that we can't stop until we 'win', but which it will be hard to feel good about winning, since there was so little justification for being there in the first place.