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Posted By: GUEST
07-Apr-03 - 05:23 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Turpin Hero / Turpin's Valour
Subject: Lyr Add: TURPIN HERO (from Roger Grimes)
Hello Burl

Roger certainly is living in Gloucester. I am sure Roy got it from me, and 'Valious' certainly is a good word.

This is what I sing now

Turpin was a-riding across Ramsey Moor
He spied a lawyer go a-riding before,
He said old Gentleman "Don'y you feel afraid
For to meet with Turpin, that mischievous blade?"

To me hero!
Turpin was a hero,
He was a valious, Turpin O!

He said to the lawyer, let us be cute
And put our money in our boot
Oh no, said the lawyer, I've made sure of mine
I've got it sewn into my coat cape behind

They rode till they came onto the foot of the hill
Turpin said to thelawyer You must keep still
My horse's in need of a new saddle-cloth,
And your coat cape it must come off.

When that I have robbed you of all of your store,
You know very well where you can get some more,
At every town that you do come in,
You can tell them you've been robb-ed by the bold Turpin.

Turpin he was taken and in prison he was cast
For shooting a gamecock, hung,
Five hundred pounds that he has put by,
To pay Jack Ketch's salary high.

It's so long since I heard Roy sing it but it's probably as near as damn-it.

Heady days at the old NTMC eh burl - sadly missed

Roger (Alias Melodeon)