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Posted By: GUEST,Vixen @ Work
08-Apr-03 - 01:34 PM
Thread Name: 'Solo Tuned' Harmonica Question
Subject: 'Solo Tuned' Harmonica Question

This one's for me *and* my dad. I'm trying to write down tunes I play on pennywhistle for my dad to play on harp. OK, so I've got the sequence of blow/draw for the scale, and so far, everything's gone smoothly. Now, however, we're getting into some tunes that go below the "blow 4" or Do, and he's telling me he doesn't have the notes he needs down there on his Golden Melodies. He says he needs "solo-tuned" harp to get those notes. He's got one, in C, and it looks pretty normal to me, so I go off to the music store to get him a G and a D. Too make a long story interminable, they don't have any. And the Hohner catalog doesn't have any. The closest I can get is a monstrosity of a "solo tuned chromatic" which seems to have every note in the Western scale inside. Definitely overkill. So what is this solo-tuned harp, and where do I find one? I've done a google search, and checked the 5 (can you believe only 5!) sites that came up under a "solo-tuned harmonica" search, and I'm still looking.

Any advice?

Many thanks,