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Posted By: Beardy
08-Apr-03 - 09:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: welcome Beardy
Subject: RE: BS: welcome Beardy
Its nice to be here & better to be 'notorious' than ignored.

mg. You would have to be invited but then I would not prejudge you without meeting you and anyhow what's to say we havent already met. I have been attending up to 15 folk festials a year for 20 years extending from Jersey to Shetland via Belfast & Tonder.

Banjer. Thank you for acknowledging that unlike a large section of our community I am capable of independent thought. As we are all aware free speech is to be cherished in society and the expression of differing values, beliefs and ideas to expand knowledge is a product of this forum we should celebrate. Incidently I do not hail from Hull nor do I live there so you need make no changes to any travel plans!

Gurney. I appreciate the offer but you would be wasting your money on a ticket. As I have never met Cyril I cannot say whether I dislike him or not but having seen him in concert I do know that I do not like his music, songs or presentation style. Matter of taste I guess.

Lepus Rex. Thank you for the support. However, people are entitled to their prejudices no matter how uninformed they are.