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Posted By: GUEST,Botticelli
09-Apr-03 - 03:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: WAR:- Why the fuss when soldiers die
Subject: And why none for the innocents?
It's funny (peculiar) that when it comes to 'innocent civilians', we are, by and large, prepared to accept that 'collareral damage happens in war situations, and 9/11 notwithstanding (because neither you nor I perished in it), it seems OK when it happens to someone else; something to do with de-sensitization, I expect

Would you mind being an 'innocent civilian', and if not, why do you sit back and accept that it is somehow OK (even patriotic) to have the label attached to other peoples' dead bodies?

Any word of Sadamm Hussein, incidentally?
Or Bin Laden, for that matter?

Are we using a sledgehammer to drive a nail... coz all I hear about is 'innocent civilians', and how 'regrettable' it all is (3 000, apparently, since they entered Baghdad, alone).

And dont give me any of that regime change nonesense, and the breaking of eggs to make omlettes.

Innocent civilians are quite OK, as long as they weren't in the Trade Center, it would seem.

How many 9/11's have we, visited on other countries, lately, and why do we think it is justified?