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Posted By: GUEST,trying to think clearly
09-Apr-03 - 05:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: WAR:- Why the fuss when soldiers die
Subject: RE: BS: WAR:- Why the fuss when soldiers die
My view is I dont know emough to judge if going into Iraq is right or wrong...We only get fed what the White house wants us to believe...My instinct tells me that tackling at least one swaggering bully like Saddam and his regime is probably no bad thing...and must make the other regimes think a little before raising their heads above the parapet..I dare say a lot is being learned about the best way to tackle other terrorist states should the need arise...If the Iraqi authorities has one iota of human kindness in their collective souls they would have faced upto the inevitable and allowed the coalition in and saved the lives of thousands of men women and children.any armchair observer can work out that the Iraqi's resistance
is futile,so why subject their people to all the slaughter...

The one thing I do know is that I support the poor bastards ie our military forces who have been sent over to try and redress the balance between good and evil in a country and region seemingly bereft of normal decent human behaviour.