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Posted By: Bob Bolton
10-Apr-03 - 02:40 AM
Thread Name: 'Solo Tuned' Harmonica Question
Subject: RE: 'Solo Tuned' Harmonica Question
G'day Vixen,

I'll need to check the Hohner catalogues at home, but they used to do a few single note, non-chromatic models with the same layout as the chromatics - each group of four holes runs tonic - tonic' (eg C - c; c - c'; &c) with two adjoining tonic notes where each set meets. A 10-hole model gives you 2½ complete diatonic octaves ... and a 12-holer gives 3 full octaves.

This type of mouth organ doesn't give the inherent chords of a vamper harmonica (those chords are why it's called an 'harmonica') but lets you play an uninterrupted melody line ... in simple (eg 'folk') tunes - and makes a good primer for moving on to the chromatic mouth organ.

I seem to remember that there used to be models of this tuning in the "Golden Melody" line ... indeed, I should have one at home ... but I don't play this type very often, preferring the rich chording styles of the vampers - then grabbing a chromatic for melodic solos.

I'll post back when I get a few more details.


Bob Bolton