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Posted By: Bob Bolton
10-Apr-03 - 08:39 AM
Thread Name: 'Solo Tuned' Harmonica Question
Subject: RE: 'Solo Tuned' Harmonica Question
G'day again Vixen,

Looking in my cupboards didn't help ... I know that mouth organ is in there somewhere ... but there are a lot more assorted mouth organs in front (on top ... around ...) it.

Anyway, I remembered that it looked like the Golden Melody, with curved-back ends and full width cover plates ... but the plates are in chrome, rather than gold anodised alloy - and the model name is Educator 1, Hohner stock # 1001/24. This was a 12-hole instrument ... only available in the key of C and ranging from G to f' ... 1 note short of 3 full octaves. The octaves are arranged in 4-hole groups ... with the additional dominant at the bottom.

This would let your Dad play any diatonic tune ... but only in 'C'. Hohner had a line of cheaper chromatics in the same styling as the Educator 1 - the Chromettas ... ~8, ~10, ~12 and ~14, 8- to 14-hole chromatics in a 'starter' grade and (?) price - and only in 'C'.

I have one of these somewhere, but it is not a favourite!


Bob Bolton