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Posted By: wilco
11-Apr-03 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower
Subject: RE: BS: The Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower
One of the funniest vaudeville type acts I have ever seen involved a knife thrower. He got someone up out of the audience, after demonstrating his accuracy with a number of throws, where he threw at a wooden wall, with balloons on it. The balloons all popped.

The volunteer was told that it was a "blindfolded" experience. The volunteer was strapped to the wall, and then he was blindfolded, after the balloons were pinned-up all around him.

Then the knife-thrower said that HE WAS ALSO BEING BLINDFOLDED, AND WOULD THROW BLINDFOLDED. Actually, he wasn't blindfolded at all. Then, he pretended to get "butter-fingers," dropping all of the knives, bouncing his throws off the floors, etc.

The poor guy, the "target," was about to getting pretty upset.

Then the thrower made a big production about getting the distance right, having someone put him the right distance from the board, pointing him in the right direction. Then, he would pretend to throw a knife, with a great holler, and his assistant (who was standing next to the board with the knives), would jab the knife through the balloon.

All the while, the thrower was dropping knives, getting re-pointed in the right direction, etc.

The funniest one was the last balloon, between the target's legs.

The thrower decided he would try that while riding a unicycle, blind-folded. He kept dropping knives. It was hilarious!