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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
11-Apr-03 - 08:14 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Turpin Hero / Turpin's Valour
Subject: Lyr/Tune Add: TURPIN HERO (from Fred Hamer)
Here is Turpin Hero as Fred Hamer got it from William Bartle:


(William "Billy" Bartle, Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire. Recorded by Fred Hamer)

Turpin he was riding across Ramsey Moor,
Saw a lawyer a-riding before,
He said, Old gentleman don't you feel afraid,
For to meet bold Turpin, the mischievous blade?
With my hero, Turpin was a hero,
He was a valious Turpin-O.

Turpin said to the lawyer, Let us be so cute,
And put our money into our boot,
Oh no, said the lawyer, I've made sure of mine,
For I've got it sewn into my coat cape behind.
With my hero, etc.

So they rode till they came to the foot of the hill,
Turpin said to the lawyer, You must stand still,
For my horse is in want of a new saddle cloth,
And your coat cape it must come off.
With my hero, etc.

And when I have robbed you of all your store,
You know well where you can get more,
So at every town that you do come in,
You can tell them you've been robb-ed by the bold Turpin.
With my hero, etc.

Turpin he was tried, in prison he was cast,
For shooting a gamecock hung at last,
Five hundred pounds that he had laid by,
To pay Jack Ketch his salary high.
With my hero, etc.

Fred Hamer, Garners Gay, EFDSS 1967.

Roud 621 Laws L10

"This is another of his father's songs, and Billy spoke of Dick Turpin as of someone who had ridden that way in the very recent past. He pointed out the gap in the wall near the Old Great North Road where Turpin had taken Black Bess on his famous ride to York."

T:Turpin Hero
S:William "Billy" Bartle, Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire
B:Fred Hamer, Garners Gay, EFDSS 1967
N:Roud 621 Laws L10
FF FF|F2 FG|A2 AG|F2 z2|A2 A2|
w:Tur-pin he was rid-ing a-cross Ram-sey Moor, Saw a
(AG) FA|c2 cc|c3 z|z2 (AB)|c2c2|
w:law-*yer a-rid-ing be-fore, He_ said Old
cB AB|c2 cc|c2 dc|B2 B2|Bd cB|
w:gen-tle-man don't you feel a-fraid, For to meet bold Tur-pin, the mis-
(AG) (AB)|c2 cA|F2 HG2|FG AB|(cA) HF2|
w:chie-*vous-- blade? With my he-ro, Tur-pin was a he-*ro,
B2 AG|d2 (cd)|A2 G2|F4-|F4|]
w:He was a val-ious_ Tur-pin-O.