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Posted By: Troll
12-Apr-03 - 03:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: WAR:- Why the fuss when soldiers die
Subject: RE: BS: WAR:- Why the fuss when soldiers die
It is my understanding that the Non-combatants who have been killed at checkpoints ahve been killed while attempting to run the checkpoint. In the case of the van where seven women and children were killed, it was learned from a survivor that the drivers family was being held by Saddam Husseins goons and threatened with death if he didn't try to run the checkpoint. The same thing applied to the passengers.
The young Marine who killed the Iraqi woman and said "the Chick got in the way" was not being callous. Later reports from embedded reporters say that he was so cut up by it that there was some question as to his mental state. Instead of a flat "The chick..." it was more an unspoken "Oh my G-d!" The chick..."
I know it's much more soul-satisfying to think of him as a remorseless killer with no conscience or regrets.
That plays right into the whole "soldier as murderer" scenario which, in turn, helps to justify opposition to a war to liberate a people. Not this time, however.
Sorry 'bout that.